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Bakti Bahtiar
The best site for hospitality job vacancies everrrrrrrrrr.............
nice website....very helpful hotelier to find new job...thanks
Thank you for apply i just start my new and my first career in hotel as IT, i wish apply hotel will grow up more than more, keep up with it, thanks
aderismansyah (ADEJAVU)
VERY HELPFULL...selalu update..easy to are number ONE
Alamsyah Ramadhan - Hotel Horison Ultima Makassar
Update dan sangat terpercaya. sangat membantu para HOTELIER untuk mendapatkan posisi dalam bidangnya masing masing.
Good job. Thank u
Abe Sihite was simple and easy. Great website for all of Hotelier in Jakarta especially. Thanks a lot for all of vacancies. Thanks.
Abimanyu Hanggara Yuda Pamungkas
Thank You So Much
Knowing this website by recommendation of my friend, I try to apply several position related my skill, Amazing.. the hotel that I applied is call me for interview & thanks God I am success all process until General Manager decide to here me as one of their Head Of Department(HOD). I am highly recommended this website for all Indonesia Hotelier. Thx Apply Hotel team.
Since I know this website, I never log in to any
website any more, due this is the MOST update and very simple to apply without any ID and password to remember. I like this website.
Thx Applyhotel.
Good for us as hotelier, but we could not reach how many application that we sent already ,which hotel that we sent already,so sometime we sent more than 2 or 3 application, to the same company with different position probably.
but thanks anyway to provide this site which useful for us.
but you should reconsider about what I said above,thank you very much
siti nurjanah
info locker yg selalu update.. keren buat ^____^
Agustinus K Jacob
This website is awesome and appreciate it, good for hoteliers
I think it\'s a great sites for a job seeker.Thanks for the information that you sound. keep a great job.
HR Director - Hotel Corporate
I am wondering when I input all my hotel vacancies into, within 2 days I,ve got a lot of candidates with totally hospitality background then I confident that this website is really good for seeking qualified candidates. With their Unlimited Packages also for me is one a very good benefit to make me free post all vacancies each properties in Indonesia. Thank you keep a good job.
THANKS for you,,,,
raja is great website for hospitality jobseeker.
Cool website, I like it.
So simple, very update !

Keep to be the best Applyhotel.
Ari Susanto
THANKS for you,,,,
I have been a lot of log in id at jobsdb and also jobstreet but after i found this website I never again visit those website to input my hotel vacancies there, due to application that i,ve got is less of hotelier background. i just recommended this website to all hotel human resources. Great, and great job applyhotel.
Adi Siswanto
Since I know this website, I never submitted any vacancies in my hotel to another website, Only at

I\'ve got a lot of applicants, then it help to find qualified candidates. Recommended website for Hotel Human Resources Manager.
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