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Welcome to Applyhotel.com, your number one source for all Hotelier Recruitment. We're dedicated to giving you the best solution with a focus and specific on Hotelier only.

We are one of the leading vacancy information providers in Indonesia and will expand our reach to Asia. We act as facilitators of job matching and communication between job seekers and hotels in Indonesia.

Founded in 2012 we build up the Company PT.Apply Sahiu Global (ASG) that works for several business field, such as Recruitment, Training Consulting, Outsource, Event Organizer and several projects. Applyhotel.com currently has more than 1000 hotels client spread throughout Indonesia and several countries such as Timor Leste, Bahrain and other ASEAN Countries.  We are here providing the best solution for Hotel, Apartment, Mall, Vila, Coffee & Bar, and many more of hotelier all position.

With our understanding and insight in the world of hospitality, as well as our passion for the world of technology. Committed to continuously improving the value, we provide is our promise to job seekers and companies, especially hotels. To fulfill this, we continue to develop our products and services so that matching between job seekers and companies to become easier.

With our years of experience in the world of recruitment, make us stronger, more extensive data base, and growing from year to year, therefore is no doubt that we are the best and most trusted hospitality recruitment solution.

Again, now we serve clients and they are very loyal clients who having got the benefit of our recruitment service from year to year in Hospitality Industry.

We hope you’re enjoy our services. If you have any question or comment, please don't hesitate to contact us.




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